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Hellendaal was born in 1721 in Rotterdam as the son of a candle maker. Around 1740 he was in Padua for a while to be trained as a violinist and composer with Giuseppe Tartini, Europe’s most famous violin teacher. Hellendaal then settled in Amsterdam, nevertheless chose to leave for London in 1751, presumably with the hope of greater fame and income. The London period lasted from 1751 to 1760.

The Six Grand Concertos of 1758 are his only known works for orchestra. In Hellendaal’s Grand Concertos there are four soloists, two violinists, an alto player, and a cellist, who together form the concertino. Hellendaal certainly took the work of his three illustrious predecessors Corelli, Handel and Geminiani as a starting point, but he added a completely individual interpretation to it. The result is a set of six masterpieces. 

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La Sfera Armoniosa - Symphony Purcell
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La Sfera Armoniosa Senhora del Mundo
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