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La Sfera Armoniosa first album was an immediate success. Gramophone wrote

The recording per se is superb. The important question is not why Kapsberger wrote vocal music, but rather why it has remained in obscurity for so long – to which I add two more: how soon will we hear the enchanting La Sfera Armoniosa again, and what fresh buried treasure will they unearth?’

The second album, Senhora del Mundo (2000), was nominated for an Edison. Since then, La Sfera has recorded numerous CDs, all of which were received with great enthusiasm by the press.

This De Fesch CD also proves the great class of La Sfera Armoniosa.

Opus Classical 2021

The orchestra fizzes, buzzes and plucks sweetly at times

Volkskrant 2021 – Concert grossi by Willem de Fesch

Claron McFadden and Nora Fischer caress the soul like true dream appearances.

Parool 2020

Henry Purcell seems to have been brought back to life..

NRC 2018

La Sfera Armoniosa and Johannette Zomer make a feast of theatre works.

De Gelderlander 2018

A new, exceptionally beautiful performance of François Couperin’s Leçons de Ténèbres by La
Sfera Armoniosa…Anne Grimm and Johannette Zomer go straight to the heart of the listener.

Het Parool 2006

With the accompaniment of a theorbo, a gamba and a small organ the musical garb of these pieces is minimal, but that makes the delicacy with which the musicians of La Sfera Armoniosa work all the more apparent.

Volkskrant 2006

Conductor Mike Fentross led the instrumentalists of La Sfera Armoniosa and the Netherlands Chamber Choir through it with a clear stroke, keeping the music constantly lively, sometimes with a single subtle accelerando or crescendo.

…the conductor got rhythmic power from firmly accentuated consonants. Changing colour sometimes happened within one chord. The improvised garlands thrown up by the instrumentalists of La Sfera Armoniosa were also beautiful…

NCR 2010 – Monteverdi – Mariavespers Monteverdi (Concertgebouw 2010)

About Cavalli’s La Rosinda

Small-scale “La Rosinda” Outshines Big-budget “Rinaldo Potsdam festival’s modest production far superior to Zurich Opera offering…

…exquisite production, every note sparkling with care and attention to detail.

Fentross’ musical direction is fleet yet detailed, expressive and witty, and his musicians respond with playing of color and flexibility.

…this “Rosinda” is an evening to delight the senses.

was für Zwischentöne auch aus dem Orchestergraben kamen, werde ich so schnell nicht wieder vergessen. Great art it was. Not more and not less

The tones that sounded from the orchestral pit, I won’t forget so soon. High art it was. Nothing more and nothing less.

The tones that came from the orchestral pit, I won’t forget so soon. High art it was. No more and nothing less.


La Sfera Armoniosa geigen, blasen, pauken und tasten das als fabelhafte Stimmungsmacher. Fabelhaft lautet überhaupt das Urteil über diesen Abend

La Sfera Armoniosa string, blow, timpani and pluck as fabulous tuners. Fabulous is the verdict on this evening.

La Sfera Armoniosa play as fabulous athmosphere makers. Fabulous is anyway the verdict of this night.

Maerkische Allgemeine

The orchestra proves tonight that it’s one of the leading baroque orchestras.

About Cavalli’s l’Ipermestra (2006)

La Sfera Armoniosa is one of the most interesting Dutch ensembles of the past ten years.

Beauty in its purest form in opera l’Ipermestra.

In the large continuo line-up that conductor Mike Fentross chose, the contrasts between the characters are emphasised even more: a heavy organ and low brass in the grumpy King Danao, light harps and strings in Ipermestra. Fentross, who is invisible in the orchestra pit, keeps the pace of the performance […]. The cast is excellently composed. […]

NRC Handelsblad

Mike Fentross presented his coloured version with dedication and conviction…. Above all, it was an ensemble performance that was beautifully coloured by the twenty wonderful musicians in the pit.
It cost something, but then you have something! The FOM can congratulate itself on this ‘L’Ipermestra’. And we, melomaniacs, have a real Cavalli discovery to boot.